Plum Cake

This is going to have to be a shorter post for now, because I am thick in the middle of packing to go back to school! Leaving for my second year is definitely not as daunting as it was the first time… however the pile of clothes on my bedroom floor is just as terrifying. Time to pull out some bags for the salvation army…

I actually made this cake while I was in Grand Marais last weekend along with these buns. I love baking up there! We have this adorable, cozy little kitchen and since the air off of Lake Superior is usually pretty cool, it’s never too hot to bake.

I had never tried making a yeasted cake before, but this one turned out amazing. The bottom layer had a slightly sweet, bread-like flavor, and the tartness of the plums contrasted perfectly with the crumbly buttery topping. Yum. You can make this cake with overripe plums if you want them sweeter, or just a little under-ripe if you like them more tart. I ended up with a mixture of both. You can get the recipe for this amazing cake here, at one of my favorite vegan blogs. I’ve tried a couple of her other recipes (photos to come!) and each one is so unique and delicious.

And just for fun… this cracks me up. Probably because it’s my life… Prius and all.



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5 responses to “Plum Cake

  1. Love ‘seitan is my motor’ but somehow missed this recipe so thanks for pointing it out. Yours looks delicious.
    And teehee to the video..’paid my 80 bucks for 6 things’ is so true sadly but still love WF. I live in England though and we don’t have the cute mini carts!

  2. Your cake looks so beautiful! Thank you so much for making the recipe. I am glad you liked it!

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